The Killing Must Stop

The Killing Must Stop

We must choose, whether we will go virtually to a living hell throughout this planet, in the fall of this imperial world system, or whether we shall call forth the legacy of the 1776-1789 American Revolution, to bring forth on this planet the kind of community among respectively sovereign nation-states which our John Quincy Adams affirmed, and which the present circumstance urgently requires. That latter task defines the pivotal, crucial historical mission confronting the next president of the U.S.A.
—Lyndon LaRouche, “This New Turning-Point in World History,” open letter to the DNC, February 4, 2009

October 29, 2023—Those who have studied satanic cults, and the recruitment of previously sane human beings to abandon their human identity to become instruments of terror, know that an effective approach is to force them to participate in a violent crime against another human being, or a group of human beings. This is why the United States suffered much greater harm from the Vietnam War than our adversary did. While the physical destruction of Indo-China was great, the spiritual destruction was greater in our own nation. Has it occurred to you that the British Empire designed it that way?

So, the American people are being forced by our senile and vicious president and pathetic Congress to become participants in a crime against humanity, unfolding before our eyes in Gaza, unless, of course, we refuse.

If nothing dramatic occurs to alter the current trajectory, by the time you are reading this, tens of thousands of Palestinian people, mostly children, will be dead as a result of indiscriminate bombing by Israel, coupled with a blockade of food, water, fuel, and even electricity and communication. This is being done in our name, as the shameless United States senators affirmed in their passage of Josh Hawley’s “Condemning Hamas and Anti-Semitism on College Campuses” resolution, whose purpose is to silence opposition to the war crimes now ongoing in Gaza.

The October 7 terror attack by Hamas, which killed 1400 Israelis and injured thousands of others, was apparently well-timed as a diversion from the fact that Joe Biden is losing his war against Russia in Ukraine, and to help a reviled Israeli criminal Bibi Netanyahu, (who is known to have supported Hamas to supposedly counter the PLO) quell IDF opposition to his fascist “reforms” of the judiciary system in Israel. Why is there no investigation of how such a massive and carefully planned attack could not have been prevented?

The point to be faced, urgently now, as war spills into neighboring countries and brings us rapidly closer to open warfare between nuclear-armed powers, is that the tragedy in which we are participants (until we stop participating), did not begin on October 7 with the Hamas attack, any more than the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022.

These events were allowed to occur because We the People of the United States have, so far, squandered every opportunity to restore our nation to the principles under which we were founded, namely as a bulwark against the British imperial system.

On September 15, 2001, just after the murderous 9-11 terror attack against our nation, Lyndon LaRouche warned, “Since no foreign power has the ability to do to us what was just done this past Tuesday, some rogue element operating within our military-security establishment is the only possible principal author of what has just occurred.” He went on to predict that anything we did to shift the blame to foreign forces would only make us more vulnerable to future such attacks.

LaRouche’s warning was ignored, and the United States went on to launch a destructive 20-year occupation of Afghanistan, a foolhardy and costly invasion and occupation of Iraq, the murder of Moammar Qaddafi in Libya, the attempt (thwarted by Russia, fortunately for us) to overthrow the Assad government in Syria, and numerous other evil and stupid foreign adventures, all of which have devastated our Republic to the point that four times more soldiers have committed suicide since 9-11 than died in combat during the same period. A record-breaking 100,000 Americans died of drug overdose in the last year, and we now have mass-shootings, as just occurred in Maine, at the rate of 2-5 per week.

As General Douglas MacArthur stated in his famous speech on the Battleship USS Missouri as he received the surrender of Japan, “We have had our last chance.”
Therefore, we must change the direction of our nation now. The security of the world and the lives of billions of people of future generations depend on the American people to cause our nation to return to the principles of our founding.

We must recognize two points. First, the trans-Atlantic financial system is finished. The former British-liberal-imperialist-monetarist system is thoroughly bankrupt, and no amount of QE or QT is going to fix it. Second, a group of nations, led by China and Russia, as grouped in various organizations such as the BRICS-plus, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Eurasian Economic Union have much more in common with the outlook of John Qunicy Adams than the United States at any time in the last 50 years.

Recognizing that second point is the key to pulling ourselves back to sanity. Anyone who refers to China and Russia and any included nation as an “Axis of Evil” is a traitor to the cause of the American Revolution.

China has lifted over 800 million of her own people out of extreme poverty in a manner which would be recognized by intelligent Americans as “American System economics with Chinese Characteristics.” While China was building over 30,000 km of new high speed rail, the United States legalized drugs, built no high speed rail, and now suffers 3 train derailments per day!

China also organized talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, successfully restoring a broken relationship which will be crucial in bringing peace to Southwest Asia. This must include the long overdue establishment of a stable Palestinian State next to a peaceful state of Israel, which can be accomplished only if the United States becomes a trustworthy partner of Russia and China, as opposed to being a thuggish enforcer of imperial divide and conquer manipulations.

There must be an international conference to establish a new economic and security architecture which respects the sovereignty and right to development of each nation equally, while also taking into account the legitimate security concerns of each nation. If the United States returns to reason, this can be easily done. If the United States fails, I fear we are all doomed.

Join me in making this happen.