New York Symposium

Knew or Should Have Known: The Lessons of the Nuremberg Trials

New York Symposium, March 1, 2024.

Does the Pentagon Think Open Elections Are A National Security Threat?

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Diane Sare in live dialogue with election observer and podcaster Craig Pasta Jardula, and EIR intelligence researcher Dave Christie.

Participation in the Sare for Senate NY Symposium Dialogue does not constitute endorsement of the campaign, nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect the views of the candidate. The NY Symposium is a dialogue on important matters of policy to enable the voters to develop an informed, as opposed to arbitrary, opinion.


The Art of Politics: Abraham Lincoln's Love of Shakespeare

New York Symposium, February 16, 2024.

War Is STILL a Racket: Lessons from Smedley Butler

"A More Perfect Union": Restoring America's Global Mission

The Strategic Implications of the International Court of Justice Decision on Israel

Physicist Will Happer: The World Needs More Carbon Dioxide

Through Beauty We Proceed To Freedom: Music as Political Action

Why JFK Died and Why It Matters: Learning to Speak About U.S. History

New York Symposium, January 5, 2024

Swords to Plowshares: Retooling the US Military Financial Complex