Friends of Diane Sare State Chapters

Restore the American Presidency

When the British Empire successfully organized the Confederate rebellion against the union, the American people had just elected a brilliant man of great integrity, Abraham Lincoln, to serve as President of the United States.Lincoln was able to not only defeat the Confederate Army, but to create the conditions for the nation to become a unified powerhouse of economic progress, even after his assassination.

Today, our nation is in a shambles, economically, morally, culturally, and we have no competent leadership in the White House, and very little in the Congress. We also have not one opposition presidential candidate who has demonstrated the qualities of leadership and integrity needed to restore our nation to its proper place on the world stage, in a new paradigm, free of the relics of the bankrupt Anglo-Dutch Empire.

Therefore, the Sare for Senate campaign, by forming a series of ad hoc organizing committees in each state of the United States, geared toward electing her in New York, will become the instrument of a movement of patriotic American Citizens to do what the great statesman Lyndon LaRouche proposed two decades ago. The United States must "call forth the legacy of the 1776-1789 American Revolution, to bring forth on this planet the kind of community among respectively sovereign nation-states which our John Quincy Adams affirmed, and which the present circumstance urgently requires."

Friends of Diane Sare State Chapter Directory


Armon Ketchum (Upper Lake); (707) 533-9497; [email protected]


Benjamin Wesley (Norwalk); (401) 569-6001; [email protected]

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Amber Smith (Orange Park); (907) 716-9097; [email protected]

Thomas Simpson (Boca Raton); (727) 687-6903; [email protected]


Sandy Smith; 219-670-5605; [email protected]


Andrew LaVerdiere (Bangor); (207) 992-6632; [email protected]


Kevin Gribbroek (Baltimore); (443) 718 - 9668; [email protected]

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Brian Early (North Eastham) ; (401) 255-4070; [email protected]


Arnold Richards; (248) 670-2923; [email protected]


Joshua Herschbach (Mendota Heights); (651) 307-5147; [email protected]

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Steven Starr (Mt. Sterling); (573) 289-6672; [email protected]


Walter Morris (Choteau); (406) 590-0447; [email protected]

New Jersey

Bruce Todd (Waretown); (609) 489-2815; [email protected]

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New Mexico

Dayson Yokoyama; (505) 389-8858; [email protected]

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North Carolina

Jim Harwood; (704) 293-8460; [email protected]


Jackie Howard; 614-419-9358[email protected]

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Michael Stettler; 541-576-9315; [email protected]


Cade Levinson (Scranton); (570) 212-2852; [email protected]

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South Dakota

Ron Wieczorek; (605) 999-3782; [email protected]


Bryan Barajas (Houston); (323) 671-6871; [email protected]

Ashley Tran (Richardson); (501) 837-2885; [email protected]

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Josiah Preston; (435) 236-5126; [email protected]

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Maria Wetzel (Middletown); (540) 975-1750; [email protected]

West Virginia

Lenore Sanders (Harper's Ferry); (571) 992-9370; [email protected]

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If you'd like to create or join a a Friends of Diane Sare chapter in your state, please email: [email protected]