A Near Miss for Our Republic

July 13, 2024--We all should be profoundly thankful that former President Trump was not more seriously injured in the contemptible attempt on his life at his Pennsylvania campaign rally, both for his own health and safety, and for what might be occurring right now in the streets of our nation, had he been seriously wounded, or worse.

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Diane Sare: Right Then, Right Now!

Diane delivered this speech six months ago at her birthday fundraiser in New York City identifying precisely the strategic situation facing the world today. Isn't it time to have a real, thinking leader in the United States Senate?

Independence Day 2024: What is America Doing for Mankind?

June 30, 2024—On July 4, 1821, the 45th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, in answer to the question, “What has America done for the benefit of mankind?” then-Secretary of State John Quincy Adams replied:

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Don’t Repeat the Mistake of December 2021: Putin’s Ukraine-Russia Peace Plan is Our Best Option

June 24, 2024—On June 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a remarkable address to the senior staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry which included a roadmap for ending the devastating Ukraine war.  It should be noted that the Russian President had not held such a meeting since November 2021, after which he issued an urgent treaty proposal to the United States and NATO requesting certain guarantees, including the non-admission of Ukraine to NATO, and assurance that nuclear weapons would not be placed on Ukrainian territory. Putin also stressed that ethnic cleansing of the Russian-speaking population of the Donbass region would not be allowed. President Biden, then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the NATO command chose to ignore Putin’s legitimate concerns and treaty proposals.

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Is Your Vote for Sale? George Latimer is.

June 18, 2024--The residents of NY-16 can deliver a “shot heard ‘round the world” by preventing AIPAC and Hillary Clinton from purchasing the Congressional seat currently held by Jamaal Bowman for $25 million and giving it to genocide-apologist George Latimer.

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Diane Sare Message of Support to European Farmers

June 4, 2024--Farmers from across Europe staged a mass protest in Brussels today, planned for many weeks, to make a leadership statement demanding that Europe change course away from shutting down agriculture. This is timed with the European Parliamentary elections over June 6-9. For example, messages on banners and signs stated, “Vote Them Out” referring to Green Deal EU toadies; and “More Freedom, Less Brussels!” as well as “No Farmers, No Food.” The Green Deal is a universal target. One sign brandished that “Europe Green Deal = No Proper Meal.” Farmers were on hand from Poland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, and elsewhere. Preliminary accounts of the demonstration report hundreds of tractors and thousands of farmers.

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Sare Campaign Files Petitions

May 28, 2024--Today, about 50 volunteers with the Sare for Senate campaign joined the candidate, Diane Sare, to file well over the New York State election law required 45,000 signatures to obtain Sare's independent ballot status for United States Senator in the November 2024 general election.

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Can There Be a Memorial Day if No One Survives to Remember?

A return to our actually founding constitutional principles, minus the elected opportunists’ errors respecting the follies of so-called “popular opinions,” were urgently needed, right now. Otherwise survival, if still possible, were nonetheless in doubt presently.

-Lyndon laRouche, May 9, 2014

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PRESS RELEASE: New York LaRouche Candidates Launch Drive to Collect 90,000 Signatures

April 19, 2024--On April 16, New York LaRouche candidates Diane Sare (U.S. Senate) and Jose Vega (NY CD 15) began the challenging process of collecting 90,000 signatures to ensure that each campaign submits the required valid signatures to secure ballot status in the November elections.

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In the Spirit of the Irish, Abolish Hunger from Palestine to Port Au Prince

March 14, 2024—It is now known that as many as 1.5 million people died of starvation and disease in Ireland between 1845-51, exactly the number of Palestinians being threatened with death by starvation right now in Gaza. In Ireland, the famine was caused, not by a “potato blight,” which is a cover story, but by theft of food from starving people!

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