Campaign Statement: Solve the ‘Migrant Crisis’— Crush Wall Street, Drug Cartels

Campaign Statement: Solve the ‘Migrant Crisis’— Crush Wall Street, Drug Cartels

(September 1, 2023)—Whoever is controlling the Biden Administration has adopted a satanic policy of using human beings as a political weapon, with utter disregard for, or worse, taking perverse sadistic pleasure in, their suffering or death in the thousands, as has occurred in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the State of New York, this has taken the form of over 100,000 people from over one hundred nations being bused into cities and towns which are ill-prepared to handle them, emphatically including New York City.

For several days, hundreds of migrants, mostly from West African nations were made to sleep on the filthy sidewalk outside of the formerly prestigious Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Since there are thousands of square feet of vacant office space available, we can only conclude that this was some sort of sick publicity stunt by city officials designed to extract more money from the federal government.

Now Mayor Eric Adams will be attempting to enforce an absurd 60-day housing limit on thousands of migrants housed in large tents in several areas in the city, forcing them out into the streets of residential neighborhoods with nowhere to go. This is a recipe for a chaotic disaster and will incite violence.

This criminally insane program must be stopped as quickly as possible with a multi-pronged approach based on the principle of defending the principle of the General Welfare, as expressed in the U.S. Constitution. Below is a general outline of necessary measures as a starting point.

1. Since the NSA and all of our intelligence agencies are able to monitor the activity of every single person on the planet who has a cell phone, they can surely locate the leaders of the human and drug trafficking cartels who are luring hapless victims into planes, boats and buses where they will be robbed and abused on their trip here. The human and drug-trafficking cartels must be shut down.

2. Enforce the laws already on the books against money laundering, as part of a general bankruptcy reorganization, including a return to the FDR-era Glass-Steagall standard of bank separation.

3. The policies of regime-change wars and sanctions, which displace millions of people, must be stopped. How many refugees were created by the illegal 2003 Iraq invasion, or the cold-blooded murder of Libyan leader Qaddafi? How many people have died in Haiti or fled, because Wall Street crooks want to use that nation as a transshipment point for mind-altering drugs, for which there is an increasing market inside the United States?

4. To deal with the immediate humanitarian emergency, we need a crash mobilization led by the Army Corps of Engineers to construct housing and medical facilities to care for and screen the vast influx of people while they are vetted for entry into the United States. We need thousands of people to staff such facilities who can expedite asylum requests, conduct basic medical screenings and provide treatment, and also identify individuals with a criminal or terrorist affiliation for arrest and/or deportation.

5. The borders on both the north and the south of the continental United States need to be secured, including properly staffed and equipped entrance points to which people can be directed, which are capable of handling a large flow of people, so they can be humanely and efficiently processed.

These are preliminary components of a rational response to the crisis. If we want a real solution, we must put an end to the dysfunctional trans-Atlantic financial order that profits from human carnage. People are seen as objects of profit to be robbed, raped, or worse.

If you find this as deeply disturbing as I do, work with me to finally defeat the British liberal imperialist system of Wall Street and the City of London and return the United States back to its anti-imperialist founding principles, including Alexander Hamilton’s national bank and credit policies. If we came to our senses, we’d recognize our own revolutionary identity in the inspiring developments of the recent BRICS-Plus Summit in South Africa. This is the dynamic our nation should be part of.

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