Schumer’s “Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act” Will Enslave and Bankrupt the Nation

Schumer’s “Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act” Will Enslave and Bankrupt the Nation


(April 8, 2021)--As a candidate for U.S. Senate, and as a sentient human being, I unequivocally oppose the legalization of commercial marijuana.

My opponent, the Senator from Wall Street, Chuck Schumer not only supports commercializing marijuana, but is the lead sponsor of the 2019 “Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act,” which he says, in the wake of full legalization in New York state, must now become national policy, whether President Biden agrees or not. I am renaming this ill-begotten piece of legislation "Slavery, Bankruptcy and Genocide in Service of Dope, Inc.” because that is precisely what it is.

According to Dr. Kevin Sabet, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, regular use of marijuana with far lower THC content than that being sold today, led to an 8 point drop in users’ IQ. There are currently no agreed-upon standards for measuring impairment due to use of marijuana, and no breathalyzer tests which can measure levels in the blood or brain. A test done on pilots found that they were significantly impaired for up to 24 hours following one use.

What this means is that you will have no one in this country who is capable of productive work of the sort urgently needed to lift our republic out of the collapsed state in which it currently wallows. The huge death toll from COVID-19 in the United States underscores how woefully unprepared we were for a health emergency. We saw our food supply lines collapse, our hospitals resort to triage, and our children isolated at home, while over-stressed parents struggled to care for them, teach them, and continue working.

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entire cities with undrinkable water -- some, like Jackson, Mississippi with no water for several weeks -- power outages for days on end, substandard housing, schools in decrepit condition, and the list goes on.

In order to rebuild and repair our cities, let alone build new cities, and shift from antiquated modes of transportation, water management and power production, to a modern society, we need a large skilled workforce. Schumer’s legislation will ensure that we will have no one who is qualified for such work, and that our younger generations are sold into the physical and economic slavery of drug addiction. The youth of this nation will be merely expendable playthings of financier-overlords.

Instead of slavery to a new, more genocidal British Empire, we need a crash program to bankrupt Wall Street, and rebuild our nation and the world, which will require over 1.5 billion real productive jobs. This also provides the key to liberating the potential of those currently trapped in our bloated prison system. Part of the problem is that the wrong people are in jail! Years ago, Lyndon LaRouche commissioned a book-length expose, “Dope, Inc.” which revealed that the international drug trade is run by the largest banks in the world with help from corrupt governments and intelligence agencies. So far, most leaders have lacked the courage to unify the people against our common enemy, having chosen to sell out to them instead. The criminal apparatus which Schumer represents can and must be defeated.