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To Be, or Not To Be --The Dangerous Fallacy of Guilt by Association

Sare for Senate 2024 Policy Discussion January 8, 2023, 2- 4 pm EST: Can Nuclear War Be Avoided?

DealBook Summit: British Intelligence Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel

A Voice of Reason Is Needed from the United States: I, Diane Sare, Hereby Announce My Candidacy in the 2024 New York U.S. Senate Race

What Happened to the Big Red Wave? Why We are Still on the Brink of Thermonuclear War

Sare for Senate Activists Expose AOC and the Progressively-Toward-Nuclear-War Caucus

FACT SHEET: On the Exclusion of New York U.S. Senate Candidate Diane Sare From The Spectrum News October 30th Debate: “Mississippi on the Hudson”

Is the Suppression of LaRouche Candidate Diane Sare a Prelude to Nuclear War?

Stop the City of London’s and Wall Street’s Fascist Coup; Russia, China, India and the Farmers and Truckers of the World Are Your Allies

Mar-a-Lago Raid is Assault on Presidency, Constitution