It’s Not About Trump!

It’s Not About Trump!

President John F. Kennedy delivers his now-famous “Peace Speech” at American University, June 10, 1963.
Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche confers with Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential primaries in New Hampshire.

(June 15, 2023)—On November 22, 1963 a beloved young President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  Many of you reading this can remember exactly where you were when you received the news of that horrible event, which changed the course of history for the worse for the next sixty years.

The damage was compounded by the Warren Commission Report, which was an obvious cover-up, sending a signal to a terrified nation that the perpetrators of the assassination were now in charge. And so they were.  Malcolm X was assassinated at a meeting in Harlem, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, was gunned down in Memphis, Tennessee while supporting a sanitation workers strike, and Robert Kennedy was murdered after having just won the California and South Dakota Democratic Presidential primaries, making him the likely next President of the United States.

The Vietnam War raged on for several more years and J Edgar Hoover targeted any political leader or activist who dared to buck the program. Mind blowing experiments, designed by “former” Nazis now in the CIA and the British Tavistock Institute were done on college students using psychedelic drugs to break down their identity, and the so-called “rock-drug-sex counterculture” became the culture.

During this period, a brilliant American WW II veteran, Lyndon H LaRouche, Jr., began recruiting bright young people on college campuses up and down the East Coast, challenging the fascist cultural and economic policies which were destroying the United States.  By 1972, the FBI had written a memo about using the “CPUSA to eliminate LaRouche,” and regular physical assaults began occurring against organizers distributing LaRouche-associated publications outside factory plant gates in cities from New York to Chicago.

In 1976, LaRouche launched his first bid for the U.S. Presidency as a US Labor Party candidate, with a poster featuring Jimmy Carter’s face inside a nuclear mushroom cloud. By 1980, Democratic Party presidential primary candidate Lyndon LaRouche was endorsed by Teamsters Union officials and other major organizations.  He was advocating for eliminating the threat of thermonuclear war through development of a defensive laser system which could disable nuclear warheads, and told Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan about his idea. Reagan was nearly assassinated in the first months of his presidency, but he went ahead to implement the “Strategic Defense Initiative” proposed by Mr. LaRouche.

In 1986, 400 FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, and local police swarmed LaRouche’s home in Loudoun County, Virginia, with the intent to assassinate him and eliminate his organization. After a timely intervention by President Reagan, the assassination attempt failed but documents seized in the raid were used to concoct a criminal case against LaRouche and several of his associates which resulted in his serving five years in federal prison, and several of his associates serving lengthy sentences as well, not to mention the “involuntary bankruptcy” used to shut down nearly all of LaRouche’s publications.

To this day, ill-informed and cowardly people squirm when the name “Lyndon LaRouche” is mentioned.

What do all of the above-mentioned leaders share in common?  They each had a vision for a better humanity, where human beings learned how to live in peace.  As the recently-removed Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out, Trump became a target from the moment he forcefully asserted that the Iraq War was based on lies, and should never have been launched. I suspect he was a target earlier because his views on the necessity for “good relations” with Russia and even China must have sounded alarm bells amongst all the war-mongers in the infamous “17 intelligence agencies.”

In the 2024 presidential election, there are two candidates who have blasted the “military industrial complex,” in the case of Trump, or, “the corporate state,” in the case of RFK, Jr. RFK, Jr. is also the nephew of an assassinated president and the son of an assassinated future president.  He has publicly stated that he believes the CIA played a role in those murders.

Whether you or I agree with these two individuals on any of their other policies, our nation urgently needs voices for peace, and we must not allow these voices to be silenced through kangaroo courts, media smears, or worse.

My campaign for U.S. Senate in New York, is dedicated to upholding the principles of the U.S Constitution, particularly the “General Welfare” clause, as so often cited by my mentor Lyndon LaRouche.

I would ask you to join me in two urgent matters:

1. Clearing LaRouche’s name, so that his brilliant policy initiatives can be freely debated and implemented for the good of our nation and the world.

2. Acting to make sure that Joe Biden, or anyone who shares his views on either side of the aisle is not allowed to win, or steal the 2024 presidential election.