Diane addresses Humanity for Peace rally at the United Nations

Diane addresses Humanity for Peace rally at the United Nations

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(August 6, 2023)—[The following is the text of LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. senate Diane Sare’s presentation to the August 6, 2023 Humanity For Peace rally at the United Nations.]

Good afternoon. Thank you Anastasia and Irene for your work over these weeks.

If there is not a major change in the United States, there is reason to believe that this day, August 6, would be a good time for us to say our goodbyes. Our goodbyes to each other, goodbye to the planet, and goodbye to the paintings of Rembrandt, the discoveries of Ibn Sina and Albert Einstein, the philosophy of Confucius and Leibniz, the principles of the U.S. Constitution, the poetry of Shelley, and the music of Beethoven. We are steadfastly marching toward the thermonuclear annihilation of everything ever created by man.

Wasn’t that the point of dropping the bomb on this day 78 years ago? It wasn’t about making the Japanese surrender—that was already under negotiation. The purpose of dropping not one, but two bombs on civilian population centers in Japan was to demonstrate that we could do it, and that we were willing to do it. Is anyone here so naive as to believe that we have become more moral since the day Madeleine Albright declared that, although it was a tough decision, the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children was a reasonable price to pay to achieve our goals in Iraq which apparently haven’t been achieved because we’re still there, illegally occupying that nation—you know the American illegals—squatting in nations all over the world who don’t want us there.

So it is time to disabuse your friends of the notion that some wise person from inside the beltway, who has managed to avoid being jailed, is going to stand up and stop this thing before we go over the cliff. Waiting for that would guarantee that we are finished.

But having said all of that, I am not pessimistic. I am optimistic because I don’t intend to allow the annihilation of the human race to occur while I have breath to fight. I know we are all here today because we agree that we cannot let this happen, and although they are not here with us in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, billions of people around the world are saying “NO!” to Anglophile (which sounds a bit like “pedophile”) hegemony.

The leaders of African nations are banding together with Russia, China, Brazil and others and saying, “No! You cannot make us send weapons to Ukraine for your proxy war to destroy Russia.” “No! You are not going to tell us whom we may elect as President to lead our people.” As soon as these leaders can hear and see signs of sentient life from within the United States, we will have a global resistance which can liberate us all from the billionaire perverts who seek to divide, rule and depopulate us.

In 1988, Lyndon LaRouche made a bold proposal for the reunification of Germany, based on what he knew to be the coming end of the Soviet Communist system. They were bankrupt, and he said, “let us feed Poland, in return for the reunification of Germany.” Three months later he was sitting in Federal prison.

But the Soviet Union did collapse and Germany was reunified, but instead of embracing this as a great opportunity to liberate mankind and raise the standard of living world wide, Maggie Thatcher (the iron pumping Prime Minister of the U.K. at the time), and George H.W. Bush jumped on their flying carpets and broomsticks and flew all over the world, starting wars.

We had the hideous invasion of Panama, the first Iraq war, war in the Balkans, the Malvinas, and many more.

LaRouche from prison, and his wife Helga from Germany warned the arrogant Anglophiles, who believed they had won everything, that just as the Communist system collapsed, the collapse of the British liberal free-trade system was nigh and when that system crashed there would be a great revolutionary change of far greater magnitude than the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

That moment has finally arrived. As Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase gobbles up one bankrupt bank after the next, subsidized by taxpayer-funded bailouts, I am sure there are plenty of Wall Street and City of London insiders wallowing in dirty diapers in secret board meetings trying to figure out what to do. “I know! Let’s overthrow Putin! Let’s overthrow Xi Jinping! Then it won't matter if we all collapse because at least they won’t be running the show any more!”

Well, it ain’t working! The beautiful irony is that the more they try to destroy other nations, the faster they destroy themselves—I think that’s how God intended for things to work. So, we are on the brink of thermonuclear war because that is all they have left!

I and others here are running for office because we know that we have to shift the United States, but I think November of 2024 may be too late. We need Americans in the streets now! We need delegations in 435 congressional districts, visiting your Congressmen so many times that you are on a first name basis with every single staffer in their office. Anyone who supports sending one more nickel to Ukraine should never be elected for anything ever again! Anyone who votes to impose sanctions on nations to starve their children to death for regime change purposes must never be elected again, and they should know that now!

LaRouche’s name must be cleared, and Julian Assange should be released from prison tomorrow, and NATO dissolved the day after that! What is needed, is a whole new order among nations based upon mutual respect for the sovereignty of their people and the dignity of man. Our enemies are totally morally and financially bankrupt, so we must seize the moment to finally establish a republic of the United States of America which doesn’t meddle in other nations’ internal affairs, but demonstrates by our own actions, within our own borders, that truth has standing, that justice will be served, and the people are protected so that through their talents they may contribute to the betterment of mankind.

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