Celebrate von Steuben and Remember Why We Fought

Celebrate von Steuben and Remember Why We Fought

“The Dignity of Man is in Your Hands”
– F. Schiller, The Artists

(Sept. 14, 2023)—Two hundred and forty-five years ago, Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand von Steuben, otherwise known as Baron von Steuben, or later Major General von Steuben, arrived as a volunteer at Valley Forge. He had been recruited by Benjamin Franklin in France to aid in our war of liberation from the British Empire which, until that point, had never been defeated, and which was committing genocide worldwide as it expanded into India, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

The whole world was watching this war, wondering if the Americans would be successful in establishing a new form of government which upheld the dignity of all human beings as created equal by our Maker. George Washington’s brilliant decision to cross the Delaware into Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas of 1776 was the first major victory after a very long retreat starting from Long Island earlier that year. Apart from the determination of a handful of patriots, many were doubtful that the Revolution would succeed.

When von Steuben arrived at the American camp at Valley Forge in February of 1778, he confronted a scene of squalor and disarray. One out of six men would die of disease that winter. Morale was low, to say the least. In his his 1779 “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops” von Steuben’s “Instructions for the Captain” provides us a glimmer of his thinking:

“A Captain cannot be too careful of the company the State has committed to his charge. He must pay the greatest attention to the health of his men, their discipline, arms, accoutrements, ammunition, clothes and necessaries.

“His object should be, to gain the love of his men, by treating them with every possible kindness and humanity, enquiring into their complaints, and when well founded, seeing them redressed… .”

This “tenderness” for the well-being of the soldiers combined with a ferocious demand for precision and discipline accompanied by a great deal of cursing in French and German, earned him the love and respect of the troops, and a very close relationship with General Washington.

It was this spirit of goodness and a love of mankind which won the American Revolution, and which made our nation a “light upon a hill,” and a “beacon of hope and a temple of liberty” intended to inspire the liberation of people the world over.

Contrary to what most children are taught in the propaganda courses called “American history” in today’s schools, our republic was founded explicitly to counter the degraded oligarchical view of Man, represented at that time (and still today) by the British Monarchy. Our nation was founded to be good!

The Year 2023

What would Major General von Steuben and President George Washington have thought of the conduct of President Joe Biden and Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the now infamous February 7, 2022 White House press conference? For those who have forgotten, this is the moment where Biden pledged to “end” the NordStream Pipeline if “Russia invades Ukraine,” and Scholz meekly agreed that the United States and Germany do everything “together.”

Seven months later Nord Stream was blown up. Chancellor Scholtz has had nothing to say, while the cost of energy in Germany skyrockets and industry leaves en masse. Not one single member of the U.S. Congress has called for an investigation of the greatest act of infrastructure terrorism in human history.

The environmentalists have had nothing to say about the massive dumping of methane into the air and ocean above the pipelines. All is quiet on the western front, while we march over the abyss into our own oblivion and try to destroy leaders of the revival of the new American Revolution which happen to be—yes—China and Russia.

As we reflect today on the international support for our War of Independence, let us not be blind to the new movement for freedom against colonialism which our own government is trying to suppress, even at the risk of nuclear war.

In 1976, on the 200th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence, an American presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, wrote a proposal for an International Development Bank, which would have destroyed the legacy of the British Empire forever.

The Empire responded by deploying one of their own, Henry Kissinger, among others, to sabotage LaRouche’s program, which has now reemerged in the form of the New Development Bank of the BRICS-plus nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and new members, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Ethiopia and Argentina).

Americans should be rejoicing at the prospect of this new wind of liberation, but instead the senile and vicious old man in the White House is doing all in his power to destroy it. Obviously, he is not capable of calling the shots, but the Biden Family crime syndicate is happy to comply. Apparently, so is Chancellor Scholz.

I am running as an independent LaRouche candidate for United States Senate in 2024, to liberate our nation once again from the chains of the economic royalists, who would have us destroy the world and ourselves simultaneously.

I am joined in this historic battle, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a German leader, widow of Lyndon LaRouche, who founded the Schiller Institute, named for the great poet of freedom, Friedrich Schiller.

On this day as we celebrate the proud legacy of the German-American partnership which defeated the British Empire, let us resolve to rid our Republic of the remnants of that evil and join with our brothers and sisters of the Global South in establishing a new, just order of relations among sovereign nations which uphold the dignity of man, as Friedrich Schiller so nobly expressed it.