Celebrate Independence Day!

Celebrate Independence Day!

(June 28, 2023)—Two hundred and forty-seven years ago, 56 men put their lives and fortunes on the line by signing a revolutionary document, declaring they were no longer subjects of the British Royal Monarchy. Many of them paid dearly for that act, and thousands of others gave their lives in the war which followed. The question for us to answer today by our actions is: was their sacrifice worth it? Have we ensured that the principles for which they gave their lives have continued to govern this republic known as the United States of America?

Today, as mankind lurches toward the abyss of self-annihilation led by an unholy alliance between the Biden Administration and the British Royalty which it serves, the Fourth of July must become a moment of reflection, followed by robust action to restore our commitment to the universal principles upon which we were founded and to reject the misery of the arrogance of being the global hegemon, which really means to be the lickspittle for a small set of deluded elites epitomized by “King” Charles parading down the aisle in stolen jewels at his coronation. The problem for Joe Biden and his European counterparts like Emanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz is that rejoining what “King” Charles calls “Global Britain” is the political equivalent of attempting to crawl back into the womb of a corpse rotting on the sands of some former colony. Such is the state of the British Empire today.

Were we sane, we would be celebrating the demise of the British Empire and the growing independence of many nations, including China, Russia and those working with them to end poverty and shake off the relics of colonial and oligarchical systems. This would not be perceived as a threat to us because we will have continued the course of spectacular economic and scientific progress as Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln and other great American System advocates like Lyndon LaRouche intended.

Somewhere along the way, particularly after the Warren Commission cover-up of the assassination of President Kennedy, our government switched sides and became the embodiment of everything from which our forebears had sought to liberate us. So, we destroyed ourselves from within, and now perceive those nations exercising their own independence as a threat. We have a government which seeks to restore the dictatorship of the imperial system, and crush nations like China, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil and over a hundred others who refuse to relinquish their sovereignty to a cabal of global bankers.

All Oligarchical Systems Fail

The purpose of our 1776 revolution was to establish as a universal principle that man is worthy of self-governance. The concept that “all Men are created equal” was certainly not the dominant practice in Europe, or in any part of the world where the East India Company operated its murderous trade. According to the ancient god Zeus and his wanna-be-Olympian followers in today’s western governments, “might makes right.” Whoever has the most money and owns the most television stations “wins.” The problem they have is that we have an innate understanding that each of us is created equal to every other human being, which is why oligarchical systems, including slavery, can only be maintained by terror and brute force, and why empires must always collapse.

We are now in that terminal collapse phase of the Zeusian system of Empire which can no longer co-exist with sovereign nations committed to the welfare of those they govern. The world cannot survive half slave and half free. Therefore, an entirely new system of relations among nations must be established which respects the sovereignty of each nation equally, and upholds the universal principles enshrined in our founding documents, however each nation and culture chooses to implement them.

Like Zeus, the owners of the vast bubble of derivatives obligations in the City of London and on Wall Street (and the armies they control) are prepared to bring Armageddon upon the world if they cannot rule the eight billion human beings on this planet according to the arbitrary “rules based order” of their Malthusian agenda.

China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” already involves over 120 nations, and overlaps the big five of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). As Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated several years ago, when 5 billion plus people are moving in the same direction, the only way to stop them is with a world war.

So, the frail and demented President Biden and his Imperial Royal controllers are threatening exactly that: a plunge into thermonuclear war.

As we saw with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss, which the “seventeen intelligence agencies” (plus the British GCHQ) and all the major media pundits all told us was going to be a landslide victory against the “unelectable Donald Trump,” our governing class appears to be incapable of recognizing that a narrative is indeed just a narrative. It is not reality.

Russia Will Not Lose

The danger we face today is that these royal imperial bureaucrats are operating on another delusional narrative in which Russia will ultimately back down, under threat of nuclear war. They have not listened to the words of Russia’s very capable leader President Vladimir Putin who, when announcing the start of Russia's “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine, recounted the major invasions of Russia: in 1812 by Napoleon, and in 1941 by Adolf Hitler in which one out of six Russians lost their lives. Putin and the Russian people vowed that “never again” would they submit to mass genocide and, unlike the hypocritical leaders of the West who won’t even condemn the “glorification of Nazism,” they meant it.

So, fellow Americans, be advised: Russia will not lose the war in Ukraine—it will not happen. With the collapse of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Ukraine has already lost, although the slaughter continues. If Joe Biden still insists that Russia must lose and Putin must fall, then we are all doomed.

This is why it is urgent that We, the People of these United States of America, must act immediately to perfect our Union, and return to the mission for which our founders paid so dearly. The Fourth of July is a good time to do so.