APEC 2023: Joe Biden as King Lear or the Red Death?

APEC 2023: Joe Biden as King Lear or the Red Death?

November 12, 2023--In spite of the frantic Herculean efforts undertaken by city officials to clean the Augean Stables of the City of San Francisco, the reality of the malodorous collapse of the United States will be on display for all to see. It will be obvious in the person of Joe Biden, the senile and sadistic American President who will stumblingly appear at the APEC proceedings with the blood on his hands of tens of thousands of victims of his ongoing wars, including the blood of over 4000 innocent Palestinian children.

Dignified statesmen, such as China’s President Xi Jinping and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, will politely look away from the soiled hands and sagging face of the American president, and try to put off the possible end of the world until after new leadership takes the helm in the United States, which they hope will happen by 2025. Unfortunately the escalation of the war in Southwest Asia is proceeding at such a clip, it’s not clear that the American elections will help, not to mention the mediocrity of the candidates.

The one slim hope of anything positive coming from the APEC summit is that some Americans realize that if the United States wishes to survive economically, it has no choice but to cooperate with China. That’s the sticking point for the delusional and arrogant American delegation, who, like Hans Christian Andersen’s vain king, will be parading stark naked up and down the convention center hallways, expecting the other delegations to admire their non-existent carefully tailored suits, and other things.

We are now at that shock front which American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche illustrated with his “Triple Curve, Typical Collapse Function” nearly 30 years ago. Foolish western bankers, led by the bank of England and the New York Federal Reserve, have been printing trillions of dollars and euros with reckless abandon in a futile attempt to save their system. This hasn’t worked, so now they are “tightening” with high interest rates which are snuffing out what little was left of the physical economy, which will soon be destroyed by a lack of energy when they shut down coal, gas, oil and nuclear power.

Biden should be in a nursing home for the criminally insane and Americans should wake up and remember why our nation had a revolution against the British Empire.

Only if the United States returns to reason and the anti-colonial principles of our founding as expressed most eloquently by former Secretary of State (and later President) John Quincy Adams on July 4 1821, are we likely to have a viable future.