For the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party Celebrate the American Revolution by Completing It!

For the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party Celebrate the American Revolution by Completing It!

December 15, 2023—On December 16, 1773, thousands of American colonists executed a bold plan to stop the British Empire and its East India Company from imposing its tea and tea tax on the people of the American colony.  The ships delivering the tea had tried unsuccessfully to land at Philadelphia and New York, only to be repelled by local militias who refused to allow them to disembark. At Massachusetts it was determined to end the policy once and for all.

The issue was much more significant than the silly “taxation without representation” phrase which gets tossed around today, as if that’s why our Republic was founded. Would it have been acceptable to allow the British to flood North America with finished goods, thus preventing our development and keeping us impoverished even if we did have representatives in the British Parliament?  Of course not!

The issue was, that nowhere on the planet had human beings been able to establish a government built on the principles to be later expressed in our own Declaration of Independence—namely that each of us is born equal before God, and therefore the most appropriate form of government is one which derives its authority from the “consent of the governed” in such a way as to best “effect their Safety and Happiness.” These conceptions were developed most explicitly in the writings of Nicholas of Cusa in the 1400’s. This was the mission of the earliest settlers, which can be clearly seen from the Mayflower Compact, and in the Essays to do Good, written by Cotton Mather in 1710.

As is painfully clear to the world, the United States has abandoned our founding mission and has become a brutal enforcer of British Imperial policy. This is most horrific in two of the ongoing wars of the Biden Administration which has urged Ukraine to keep fighting a losing war against Russia, sending billions of dollars to American weapons manufacturers so that Ukrainian soldiers can die in the hundreds of thousands for no purpose, and now in Gaza, where Netanyahu’s Israeli Defense Forces are committing a textbook case of genocide against Palestinian civilians, supposedly in response to the bloody Hamas attack of October 7.

Had the United States continued on the path to ending the colonial system, as President Franklin Roosevelt had intended to do at the end of World Ware II when he told a red-faced Winston Churchill that “eighteenth century methods” (ie. colonialism) had to be brought to an end, Americans would be rejoicing at the expansion of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and the more than 20,000 projects being constructed in 165 nations of China’s Belt and Road initiative. We would recognize a process reminiscent of our own liberation from the British Empire—except that we are no longer liberated, or liberators, but we are oppressors and, as a result of going against the natural condition of man, we, too, are oppressed.

I have decided to run an independent campaign for United States Senate in the State of New York (the seat formerly occupied by Hillary Clinton) in order to lead a movement of patriotic Americans to take back our republic from the British scourge which has lately infested all of our intelligence agencies, news media outlets, and our congress.

We must return to the principles of Alexander Hamilton and John Quincy Adams, as understood and developed by my late mentor Lyndon LaRouche, who served five years in federal prison under the George H.W. Bush Administration because of his commitment to this mission.

In 2026, if we haven’t destroyed the planet in a nuclear war, we should celebrate (as opposed to regret or merely commemorate) the 250th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from the British Empire, having recaptured that revolutionary identity.

Join my nationwide campaign  to make sure that every American knows what that means!