Sare Campaign Volunteers Celebrate the Fourth of July, Moving From Petitioning to Leafleting, and “Flooding New York State With Reality”

Sare Campaign Volunteers Celebrate the Fourth of July, Moving From Petitioning to Leafleting, and “Flooding New York State With Reality”

July 4, 2022--Diane Sare’s U.S. Senate campaign followed through on its plan to “flood New York State with Reality” this Fourth of July, distributing over 35,000 leaflets with Sare’s statement: “This July 4th, Declare Independence from Insanity – Convoke a New Bretton Woods Conference, with Economic Justice for All”. Volunteers distributed the leaflet statewide from historical venues at Castle Clinton in Battery Park, to Mt. Vernon’s famous St. Paul’s Church where the bell rings 13 times after the Declaration is read; to the Coney Island hotdog eating contest sponsored by Nathan's, to the parade in Montague, to the festivals in Staten Island, to the fireworks at Long Beach and Jones Beach in Long Island, to the fireworks that exploded sequentially in towns along the Hudson River from Nyack to Yonkers to Stony Creek, to Newburgh - all sites critical to the battles of the Revolution itself – to sites in St. Lawrence County, Queens, the Bronx, Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo. Other leaflets were printed privately and distributed in places unknown.

The mass leafleting continued the successful mobilization statewide by volunteers that achieved the goal of gathering many more than the 45,000 signatures necessary to put Sare’s name on the November ballot to run for US Senate against incumbent Chuck Schumer. The leaflets were accepted gladly, as American trooped to events from picnics to fireworks –many commenting in the midst of the celebrations that they were privately dismayed at what has happened to their country.

The leaflet, both in English and in Spanish, hits hard at the irony of the US current perpetual war stance, and policy of economic marauding of other nations – noting that these practices are exactly what are listed in the Declaration of Independence as the “grievances” that made necessary the split of the colonies from Britain. To see the list of those grievances, and how they apply to US policy today, see: "This July 4th, Declare Independence from Insanity."

The statement then concludes in necessary optimism that the Spirit of ’76 remains in the memories of Americans, stating: “The State of New York has a special history in the fight for independence. From the work of Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison in The Federalist Papers, the intelligence and literary networks of Edgar Allan Poe and James Fenimore Cooper, the patriotic liberators Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass to the great New York Governor and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, just to name a few, this state has provided powerful leadership for the common good of the nation and the world, and we must do so again.” As one leafleter commented while handing out the statement, “Read this! It is about creating a more perfect union."

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