Schumer Challenger to Celebrate Mars Day, Not Earth Day, at Wall Street Rally

Schumer Challenger to Celebrate Mars Day, Not Earth Day, at Wall Street Rally


DATE: Thursday April 22, 2021
TIME: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT
WHERE: Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street, NYC
CONTACT: (646)328-1932


LaRouche Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate Diane Sare will be holding a Wall Street Rally to celebrate “Mars Day,” explicitly in opposition to Earth Day and the Green New Deal. Derrick Gibson, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate will also appear with her in front of Federal Hall.

Sare believes that the “Green New Deal” and Paris Climate Accord have nothing to do with saving the environment, but are instead a program by a cabal of international bankers typified by the “World Economic Forum” to suppress progress in poor countries by denying them the ability to get loans for meaningful physical economic development.

Sare is not alone in this view. Take the comments from India’s Energy Minister Raj Kumar SIngh on March 31st at an International Energy Agency Meeting:

I would call it, and I’m sorry to say this, but it is just pie in the sky. What we hear is that ... 2060 is far away and if the people emit at the rate they are emitting the world won’t survive, so what are you going to do in the next five years.... You have 800 million people who don’t have access to electricity. You can’t say that they have to go to net zero. They have the right to develop, they want to build skyscrapers and have a higher standard of living; you can’t stop it.

Rather than regressing to pagan Earth-worshipping rituals, Sare believes that the future for mankind lies in scientific advancement, specifically space exploration and thermonuclear fusion power. The fact that the United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States are all exploring Mars right now demonstrates the potential for collaboration among nations to solve all of the problems we are currently experiencing on earth from the COVID-19 pandemic to famine which threatens 270 million people in 30 nations.

These crises are much more urgent than “climate change,” which has been occurring for at least 4 billion years so far.