Sare Addresses Labor Leaders in Upstate New York

Sare Addresses Labor Leaders in Upstate New York

SARE FOR SENATE, July 6, 2022--Diane Sare, candidate for the US Senate in New York running against incumbent Chuck Schumer in November 2022, today spoke to 13 union leaders represented 3000 workers in upstate New York. Sare began by telling the audience of skilled building trades representatives that she is a classically trained musician, trombone player, choral director and 33-year associate of Lyndon LaRouche, who was the best economic forecaster in the United States, and in many parts of the world.

Sare then engaged the audience in a discussion of LaRouche’s Triple Curve, and explained the relationship between financial instruments – which do not represent reality – and contrasted them to actual productivity. She discussed what had happened after Nixon took the dollar off the gold reserve system in 1971, allowing a floating rate system and a shift of the economy into global speculation. This, she said, was something which LaRouche had accurately forecast even before it occurred. Sare then underscored that there was no solution to be had by raising or lowering interest rates, and that the entire system is wrong, and that the only solution is bankruptcy reorganization.

Interspersed between the discussion of LaRouche’s Four Laws was a comment by the host noting Sare’s courage in taking on someone such as Chuck Schumer, and delivering the message that she was delivering to them today. There was then a general discussion of LaRouche and his work, and the ensuing attacks.

When Sare said near the end of the lively Q&A that there were two points she still wanted to make, she said first that she was totally opposed to the Green New Deal (despite jobs it may briefly create), and that in fact we had to go nuclear. At this point, there was spontaneous applause.

The union leader who hosted the event asked her to now make the second point, even though Sare was over her allotted time by 15 minutes. She then said, I have to tell you something about the situation in Ukraine. She said the crisis was entirely created by the United States. She discussed a little background regarding what had happened in 2014, and the history of the Banderistas, and that they had recently killed 14,000 Russian-speaking people in the Donbass. One person commented, saying – “Boy, this probably doesn’t make you too popular”. Sare responded that you would be surprised – that the media make you think this wouldn’t be listened to, but she had actually had found great openness on this question. Other questions included one asking that if the war is not the cause of hyperinflation, than what is the cause. Sare had showed slides during the presentation on a number of critical infrastructure projects, some of which have still not been built despite warnings of catastrophe without their construction.

A number of people gave their names to be on Sare’s email list, and to further discuss her campaign.