New York Symposium

The Ukrainian Blacklist and Disinformation Warfare Sponsored by London and the US State Department

New York Symposium, August 19, 2022.

Don't Let the FBI Run American Elections: The LaRouche Case

New York Symposium, August 12, 2022.

Will New York be Left in the Dark? The Implications of Not Going Nuclear

New York Symposium, August 5, 2022.

Mankind's Future is in the Stars: What the Stars Tell us About Ourselves

Diane is joined by LaRouche Science Team leader Megan Dobrodt and Andrew Hernandez, producer of The Biggest Dream documentary about the Arecibo Observatory. New York Symposium, July 29, 2022.

Why the Federal Reserve Will Never Fund a Recovery and What to Do About It

New York Symposium, July 22, 2022.


We Were Born for that which is Better: Implications of the Webb Telescope Discoveries

New York Symposium, July 15, 2022.

Shelley: The Poet Who Discovered the Political Mass Strike

Diane is joined by long time LaRouche associate Paul Gallagher. New York Symposium, July 8, 2022.

The Erie Canal: The Intention to Build a Nation

New York Symposium, July 1, 2022.

The United States Military as a Nation Building Institution

Diane is joined by Sare for Senate historian Robert Wesser. The United States Military Academy at West Point was created by America's founding fathers not merely for war fighting but to pioneer the frontiers of scientific discovery and to engage in the building of the nation. If we had joint military collaboration on such a mission with other powers like China and Russia today, we would see the greatest scientific and technological renaissance in the history of Mankind. New York Symposium, June 24, 2022.

Candidates' Roundtable: The Road to Recovery for the US and World Economy

New York Symposium, June 10, 2022.