Newsweek Compelled To Cover Sare Campaign and Ukraine Hit List

Newsweek Compelled To Cover Sare Campaign and Ukraine Hit List

August 24 (EIRNS)--In an article headlined “Meet the Democrat Siding with Putin on the Ukraine War,” Newsweek today is forced to cover the Diane Sare campaign for Senate against New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, and her blacklisting by the Ukrainian Center to Counter Disinformation (CCD), in the context of discussing the rise of anti-Establishment figures who are questioning U.S. foreign policy and Washington’s alliance with NATO and expanding involvement in the war in Ukraine.

Mention of Sare comes at the end of an article on the campaign of maverick Geoff Young who won the primary in Kentucky’s 6th CD, reporting accurately on his statements as to why Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine, U.S. and NATO aggression against Russia, and the neo-Nazis who run Ukraine “supported and armed by the United States.” Noting Young’s statement that he equates criticism of his position with censorship, Newsweek adds that Ukraine’s CCD listed Young, along with figures like Tulsi Gabbard and Glenn Greenwald, on a blacklist, charging them with being “Russian propagandists” for questioning the growing U.S. role in the Ukraine war.

But, Newsweek adds, the blacklist also included “figures like New York Senate candidate Diane Sare,” who had participated in a Reddit Q&A with Geoff Young earlier in the week and in an interview with Newsweek “echoed some of his claims on Ukraine.” It goes on to point out, however, that there’s more to Sare’s views, as she “attended conferences sponsored by the left-wing Schiller Institute,” which Newsweek describes as a “highly controversial political organization that has sought to build a collaborative economic order between nations like China, Russia, India and the United States.”

That already sets her apart from most other critics of the U.S. role in Ukraine. The newsweekly then adds that Sare’s opinions questioning the U.S.’s involvement in Ukraine “were intended to warn against the likelihood of nuclear war between the two countries which she believed to be a likely conclusion of a full-scale engagement between the two superpowers.”

“The idea of saying that I’m an information terrorist, that somehow I am a war criminal for saying we should not have a nuclear war … that’s what they [the CCD] are asserting.”