PRESS RELEASE: New York LaRouche Candidates Launch Drive to Collect 90,000 Signatures

PRESS RELEASE: New York LaRouche Candidates Launch Drive to Collect 90,000 Signatures

April 19, 2024--On April 16, New York LaRouche candidates Diane Sare (U.S. Senate) and Jose Vega (NY CD 15) began the challenging process of collecting 90,000 signatures to ensure that each campaign submits the required valid signatures to secure ballot status in the November elections.

These campaigns have become all the more important as the world careens toward a thermonuclear confrontation between the NATO block, led by the United States and UK, vs the Russian Federation. The recent strikes and counter strikes between Israel and Iran, triggered by Israel’s terrorist attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus are one potential pathway to disaster, but unfortunately not the only one.

With the threats from French President Macron to send ground troops to Ukraine, and the terror attack on the Crocus Theater in Moscow, and the German officers caught talking about blowing up the Kerch Bridge, Russia has reason to believe that it is at war with the west

In the United States the array of presidential candidates ranges from mediocre to catastrophic, with a re-election of Joe Biden the worst possible outcome, which the world would not likely survive.

The brilliant American statesman and former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche warned decades ago that if the United States refused to reverse almost every policy enacted since the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, that the economy of the United States would collapse, and the world would be plunged into a state of perpetual war, or even thermonuclear war, and he was absolutely on target.

The American people are sick of war, and overwhelmingly do not want to spend one more nickel arming Ukraine or funding genocide in Gaza, but the Congress is not listening. The Congress and its Wall Street owners are so afraid of losing control of their fascist “mono-party two-party system” that they have made it nearly impossible for independent candidates to get on the ballot, hence the 45,000 valid signatures required to run for U.S. Senate, and 3,500 required to run for the House of Representatives in New York State. The candidates are aiming for 90,000 total, to account for any challenges to their petitions.

Like the anti-Russian sanctions, the onerous signature requirements are backfiring against the State of New York enforcers of the bankrupt Anglo-American dictatorship. Sare and Vega have recruited dozens of activists, including many young people to deploy with Jose Vega, who is himself 25 years old, in the Bronx. The Sare campaign has volunteers across the state from Long Island to Buffalo, handing out palm cards and engaging voters in brief, but serious conversations about how to prevent nuclear war. Both candidates have been invited to address gatherings in churches and mosques, and other organizations, and they have been giving interviews to many podcasters with substantial numbers of followers like Kim Iversen, Due Dissidence, Col. Douglas Macgregor, and others.

Vega and Sare report that morale is high among their volunteers, and in spite of a few rainy days which add an extra challenge, everyone is hanging in there and fighting as if humanity depended on the success of their efforts, and it does.