Why I'm Running

Many people have asked me why, given that I am not a Wall Street billionaire, nor a notorious prosecutor, I would even think of running for U.S. Senate against someone who has been in Washington, DC for nearly 40 years. “Why not run for City Council or some state position?”, people ask. Or they say, “Schumer is a pretty powerful guy, do you really want to risk getting on his bad side?”

“Well,” I respond, “since the whole nation, including the people he allegedly represents, and the current President of the United States are all on his bad side, I think that’s a pretty good place to be.”

The issue is that this nation of ours needs leadership, and emphatically patriotic leadership in the U.S. Senate. I have had the privilege (by choice) of being associated with the greatest genius our nation has yet produced, the late Lyndon LaRouche, for over 32 years. Lyndon LaRouche warned, even before I knew him back in the 1970s, that the rock-drug-sex counterculture and the green movement would lead to a Dark Age of pandemic disease, economic collapse, and ultimately war, even nuclear war. But he didn’t just warn about the impending doom in order to be able to say “I told you so” to the nuclear rubble that remained; he issued his forecasts in order to get the American people to rally behind the policies which were required to avert the catastrophe and usher in a new era of human development.

We are now in the moment that Mr. LaRouche warned of. We face a pandemic which, at the time of this writing, has killed nearly half a million people globally and threatens many more, and which is causing such devastation in nations in Africa that the leader of the World Food Program has warned that up to 300,000 people will die of famine per day, if radical action is not taken.

In the United States, when President Trump said he wanted to reorganize our intelligence agencies and end the regime-change forever-wars, it was Senator Schumer, in a January 4, 2017 interview with Rachel Maddow, who threatened President Trump saying, “When you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you…” thereby making himself the mouthpiece for a rogue intelligence operation which has been sabotaging President Trump’s plans since at least 2015, a year before the election.

Our nation is on the verge of being ripped asunder by a treasonous war-time propaganda machine known as the “news media,” which is fanning the flames of anger and desperation felt by many Americans, not only in reaction to racial discrimination and violence, but to the economic uncertainty and isolation that has built up under months of lock down due to COVID-19.

Such a crisis requires bold and inspired action. It also requires international cooperation. It should be obvious that we cannot defeat COVID-19 if each nation is left to fend for itself. Lyndon LaRouche identified four great powers which could bring about the necessary actions: The United States, Russia, China, and India. This is not to the exclusion of other nations which would wish to join, but those four would constitute the core group, and the current leaders of those nations are already inclined in this direction.

The ongoing attempted coup against President Trump has everything to do with that potential. From before the election, the British GCHQ colluded with corrupt individuals in the FBI and CIA to drive a wedge between Presidents Trump and Putin by falsely claiming that Russia had “hacked the election.” In spite of the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever to support such a claim, and much evidence of an illegal attempt to overthrow a duly elected president, this narrative continues.

The racist campaign against China was launched for the same reason. President Trump’s first meeting with President Xi in Mar-a-Lago was nearly derailed by a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria. In spite of that, he and President Xi Jinping established a strong friendship and managed to negotiate Phase One of an important trade deal.This relationship is now frayed as Trump has succumbed to blaming China for the pandemic, even though earlier he had praised China’s extraordinary response to the disease which had kept their death rates very low and bought time for the rest of the world, which unfortunately had largely ignored Chinese warnings about the disease.

Since the untimely death of President Franklin Roosevelt just before the end of Word War II, our nation and the world have not reaped the fruit of the victory against fascism 75 years ago. Instead, the British Empire and British-influenced American presidents like Truman, the Bushes and Obama, have worked to reverse the intention of the American Revolution, and plunge us into a series of never-ending wars and into a British liberal free trade policy which has left our economy in tatters and our people demoralized.

The purpose of my candidacy for U.S. Senate is to defeat the British-run coup against the Presidency, and to unify the people of our nation around a sacred mission to uphold the principle that every human being in the world is created in the living image of God, and therefore deserves the opportunity to become a genius, and to see their child become a genius, free from fear, free from want, and free from war.

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  • Judith Clark
    commented 2020-07-13 11:07:54 -0400
    I am 100% behind this campaign, and think it essential that everyone who is sentient ensure your Victory — it will mean as much to the rest of the world to have you in the U.S. Senate with this intention, as it will mean to residents of New York State, and this nation. I consider it a National campaign that can and will improve the chances for Human civilization to not only survive in this pandemic of viruses, but to prevail over the rotten economic and strategic paradigm we have been enduring for far too long. Let us rally our fellow citizens throughout New York State, and also across the regions and the Country — because it is truly a life and death moment we face: Let’s Win! Judy Clark