PRESS RELEASE: The LaRouche Organization Endorses Diane Sare and Jose Vega

PRESS RELEASE: The LaRouche Organization Endorses Diane Sare and Jose Vega

The following statement was issued by The LaRouche Organization on February 22, 2024.

Everybody knows that electoral politics in the United States is a fraud, and likely has been so ever since 9/11. The façade of a free and open debate among the leading political contenders mocks the reality of what is a thoroughly-controlled and deeply-corrupt political establishment, which fights to keep the most qualified candidates out, and to degrade the ones who are let in.

This is why the LaRouche Organization is proud to announce its endorsement for two LaRouche Independents running for the 2024 elections.

These two candidates, Diane Sare and Jose Vega, are not running campaigns in search of votes and popular support—an approach which is doomed to fail. Rather, these two candidates have demonstrated they are prepared to raise their voice against such a system of “controlled opposition,” and build a movement of citizens to join them.

For this reason, The LaRouche Organization has endorsed their campaigns, as they are coherent with our intention to recreate a morally and intellectually responsible citizenry upon which the American republic has always been based. In addition to this fact, it is also worth noting the key policies of Sare and Vega which we think qualify them as candidates for public office:

· Their commitment to end the forever wars, and revive a foreign policy akin to that of John Quincy Adams, who warned against the belief that we must “go abroad in search of monsters to destroy”;

· Their defense of a policy of re-industrialization of the United States and the world, with the goal being to uplift the quality of living of all through scientific and technological progress;

· Their commitment to a science-driver approach to economic growth, to challenge the frontiers of knowledge with a visionary space program, and in the process inspire a new generation of explorers;

· Their determination to revive classical education, encouraging the spark of creativity in our youth, and opposing the spreading use of drugs.

Running for Senate in the State of New York against Kirsten Gillibrand, Diane Sare has proven to be a strong voice of reason and an uplifting fighter for the best traditions embedded in the U.S.

In the Bronx, running for New York’s 15th Congressional District against Ritchie Torres, Jose Vega similarly has proven himself to be an irrepressible voice for truth willing to stand up to even the most supposedly sacred bastions of power.

Combined, these two campaigns represent a spear-point for sanity that can accomplish things politically far beyond the scope of their local districts.