The Right to a Free and Fair Election Must Be Guaranteed

The Right to a Free and Fair Election Must Be Guaranteed

Feb. 5, 2021- Since the 2000 presidential election between Bush and Gore which was not decided until weeks after election day, (and even then, many doubted whether the actual vote would ever be known), there has been a decreasing degree of confidence in the electoral process in the United States of America. Given that our government explicitly derives its authority “from the consent of the governed,” it is doubtful that our republic will long endure, unless this situation can be resolved.This is why my campaign intends to make truth in elections a major issue, and one which I intend to resolve at least in the State of New York well before 2022.

When a citizen puts their “X” next to a candidate's name, it is critical that their vote be properly counted. And if someone decides that they themselves will step forward as a candidate, they must expect that votes supporting their positions will be counted as well. Otherwise, the system itself is simply a fraud and will move toward the world Thrasymachus described in Plato's Republic, where the rule will only be by the powerful—until the powerful themselves are pulled down by an angry mob.

After so many election challenges and investigations such as those that occurred in 2000, 2004, 2016, and 2020 (where solid evidence was presented of large numbers of irregularities), there are several points which must be made if we are to secure elections and establish a government in this nation which Americans believe is legitimate, whether or not they agree with the policies of that government. If the right to vote is protected, people can be confident that a remedy is available at the ballot box. The elected representatives will be reminded of that as well, and will have to become more responsive to the voters, as opposed to being guaranteed their seat by dark money or special interest groups.

  • Paper Ballots: Computerized voting machines of any make or model are an invitation for voting irregularities. Everyone knows that algorithms can be changed and machines can self-correct your voting choices. We have seen this happen. You may never know who actually won or lost with such machines. Thus, the computerized voting machines should simply be discarded, and cell phones should not take their place. Paper ballots marked by the voter in person with the process observed by poll watchers given meaningful access, and with the ballots then counted at the polling place itself at the end of the night with results posted on-site, gives much more assurance of protecting each vote.
  • Count the Vote in the Polling Place: It is critical to go from the marking of the ballot to the counting of the ballot with very few steps in between to ensure the “chain of custody” of the vote. All additional steps of moving the ballot from place to place creates more opportunities for manipulation or simple error. Thus, mail-in ballots should not be used, nor should ballot boxes that are unprotected and arrive by unknown means, nor scanners that jam and create more confusion. Voters should go to their own poll to vote, with proper government-issued identification, and should sign-in for verification. All procedures should occur in the same place.
  • Election Day a National Holiday: The importance of 100% voting is also a protection for the electoral process—more and more citizens must be involved in person and by intent! Voting days should be national holidays, and should celebrate the right and responsibility of self-government! Any necessary transportation costs to the polls should be free. Voting registration drives should be encouraged, and other steps should be taken to advertise, promote and assist registration. Registration should close with enough time before the vote itself to update the rolls. All voting should only occur on the designated voting day.
  • Polling Places Accessible to All: To encourage all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote, steps should be taken to set up polling centers in nursing homes or senior citizen homes and such places for the vulnerable and infirm. For the military, polling places should be set up on base and votes counted at those sites. Similarly, voting places can be set up in embassies, and the votes counted on site. Absentee ballots must be restricted to cases of documented necessity only.
  • Poll Watchers Welcome and Protected: All candidates should be allowed their own poll watchers who should be allowed meaningful observance of the voting process and counting of the ballots. Every voting irregularity or disparity should be investigated with the warning “where there's smoke there may be fire.”

We must protect the rights of the voters and the candidates. For the candidates, we must ensure equal access to the voters. And for voters we must demand that the candidates and those that are elected fulfill their campaign promises and appear before the voters on a regular basis to explain what they in fact have accomplished on the voters’ behalf.

Probably most New York State citizens are not aware of legislative initiatives to change the New York State Constitution in a way that will make elections even less transparent and more vulnerable to fraud. This process is being encouraged all over the country, unbeknownst to most—so the situation is urgent!

I support the call for a Committee for Truth in Elections, and urge you to join me in that, and ask you to sign up to be active with my campaign so that we can take this fight to Albany and Washington.