FACT SHEET: On the Exclusion of New York U.S. Senate Candidate Diane Sare From the Spectrum News October 30th Debate: “Mississippi on the Hudson”

FACT SHEET: On the Exclusion of New York U.S. Senate Candidate Diane Sare From the Spectrum News October 30th Debate: “Mississippi on the Hudson”

BREAKING: Support pours in for Sare debate challenge!

Senator Richard Black (ret.) challenges Spectrum News civil rights violations

French activist protests undemocratic exclusion of candidate Sare

  • Diane Sare is listed on the New York State ballot for November 8, 2022 election as a certified candidate for the position of U.S. Senator from New York;
  • The Sare campaign gained this position by filing over 66,000 signatures of New York registered voters, gathered in six weeks, and spread throughout the number of of Congressional districts required by state election law;
  • The Sare campaign achieved this goal after the New York State Legislature had passed changes in election law in 2020-21 to make the threshold for ballot access so difficult that, in their words, “only serious candidates with statewide support would gain a position on the ballot”;
  • Only the Sare campaign achieved this goal, with four other parties attempting to gather this number of legitimate signatures -- triple the previous requirement from 15 to 45,000 signatures -- failing in their attempts;

Despite all of the above, on October 11th, Spectrum News in New York, owned by Charter Communications, announced that they will hold a debate featuring Sare’s opponents –- Sen. Chuck Schumer and TV personality Joe Pinion –- but without Diane Sare. Clearly, this is meant to rig the vote by denying voters the right to know of Sare’s candidacy.

When contacted concerning this oversight, Spectrum’s New York State Political Director Bob Hardt, glibly explained that Sare would not be invited to join the debate with the rationale that the candidates had to have "enough support to receive an invitation". He continued: “In this case, it would be whether a candidate achieved 15% of support in at least two polls. Ms. Sare did not meet that criteria in any of the polls conducted this election cycle ... Good luck ... Bob Hardt."

But in the following polls: Marist College Quinnipiac University, Siena College, and Emerson College, which polls are used for the criteria of whom to invite, voting for Diane Sare is not an option which voters are allowed to select! (see images below)

Why is the political establishment so afraid to allow Diane Sare to speak?

Sare had issued a release on September 26th entitled “Is the Suppression of LaRouche Candidate Diane Sare a Prelude to Nuclear War?”  Sare believes that the establishment fears that the American people, given the chance, would reject the drive to plunge the United States into nuclear war against Russia or China, but would rather prefer a negotiated settlement. By the suppression of her candidacy, they are being denied that option.

Haven’t Americans who saw the Civil Rights Movement fight for the right to vote and the right to run in the United States learned anything? Why not give the people of the world an alternative? Join the call to open up the debate.

The following are the relevant emails and numbers of representatives of Spectrum News, the parent company of Spectrum, Charter Communications, and also of Sen. Chuck Schumer.

  • Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications, which owns Spectrum News, based in Stamford, CT (203) 905-7801;
  • Bob Hardt, New York Political Director of Spectrum NY 1, [email protected], NY1 number is 212-379-3456;
  • Joe Konig, [email protected] or [email protected], or the NY1 phone, 212-379-3456;
  • Sen. Charles Schumer, Schumer Campaign office in New York, 212-532-2266.

ABOVE: Official sample ballot for New York November 8, 2022 General Election. Diane Sare's name is marked by the red arrow.


Reply to Bob Hardt of Spectrum News

From the Sare Campaign, October 13, 2022



Cynthia Pooler interview with Diane Sare, Scott Ritter and Dennis Speed on the debate, ballot access and the danger of nuclear war, October 18, 2022. A relevant excerpt of the video may be viewed HERE.


Sare for Senate billboards in New York City


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