Diane Sare on the Nazi Killings in Buffalo and the U.S. Support for Nazis in Ukraine

Diane Sare on the Nazi Killings in Buffalo and the U.S. Support for Nazis in Ukraine

May 15, 2022--The following statement was released on video today by Diane Sare in response to the senseless slaughter of ten people in Buffalo Saturday by a crazed teenager, wearing one of the symbols made popular by the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine, now sponsored, armed and trained by the U.S. and U.K. governments:

Good morning! It’s Diane Sare, LaRouche independent candidate for U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer. You can see I’m here in Buffalo. I was in Holland, New York yesterday at the Tulip Festival when I got word of the horrific mass shooting at a Tops in Buffalo. The shooter, who has been identified as Payton Gendron, was wearing the “black sun” insignia, which is shared by the Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine. I think this is extremely significant.

First of all, let me express my deepest condolences and sympathy to the families and loved ones of the ten people who were killed in yesterday’s rampage, which never should have occurred. But I have to issue strong words about the situation. When you have a government which refuses to condemn Nazi atrocities committed by the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, but not only refuses to condemn them, but funnels them $40 billion worth of aid and weapons; when you have leaders of our elected government—that is, members of the House and Senate like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, going over to meet with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, and supporting the narrative which is full of lies; when it is the Nazis committing the war crimes and the atrocities, not the Russians—we are provoking a nuclear war with Russia. When you have Colonel Vindman saying that we should send Ukraine—Nazi elements in Ukraine—advanced weapons which can shoot missile strikes deep into Russia’s territory, then you have a government which has gone mad. And when the government has gone mad, it should not be a surprise when American citizens go mad.

I’m running for U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer to put an end to this murderous madness. The only way this crisis can be solved is through negotiation. The relationships among nations must be governed by the commonality of the universal interests of mankind as a whole. Only then can we resolve these crises; only then will we see an end to the kind of horrific violence which was perpetrated in this city yesterday. So please, contact your Congressman; tell them to stop logistical and military support of a Nazi, racist agenda that will lead to World War III. No more weapons to Ukraine; no more support of the Nazi Azov Battalion; no more support of ISIS terrorists. The American people want the truth. We want to live in peace and dignity as part of a concert among civilized nations on this planet.