Cancel “Cancel Culture”

The brilliant German-American rocket scientist Krafft Ehricke commented in a lecture near the end of his life that the “culture” of the generations of people who grew up on planets other than earth would be different from the culture of human beings living on earth. He used the example of his children, who were born and raised in the United States, having a different sense of history and identity from him and his wife who grew up in Germany.

This is an intriguing concept because one is provoked to consider where one’s “culture” comes from, and also what is the relationship between “culture” and “identity.”

In the United States today, there is a coordinated assault on the very best aspects of our culture, history and identity which is not accidental, but designed to reduce us to an enslaved state of barbarism.

It is important to recognize that the statement in our 1776 Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal...endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” was a truly revolutionary conception. Nowhere in Europe was that the practice of the day. Everyone had a social pecking order based on bloodline, wealth and property. Think of all the titles: Duke, Barron, King, Queen, Don, etc.

The idea that each human being has an equal relationship to the Creator, means that the only just government would be one worthy of the “consent of the governed,” recognizing that the “governor” were equal to the governed. But, for a population to give its consent and to know what actions would secure the best future for itself and its posterity, requires wisdom and maturity. Imagine what sort of government would be formed by a group of two year old infants. Obviously, they would require a preferably sane adult to make most decisions for them, and to act on their behalf. Imagine millions of American voters who have no knowledge of basic scientific principles, who believe that there is no difference between a human being and an animal, that everything is a matter of “my opinion,” and that there is no reason as to why something is one way, and not otherwise, rushing to the polls to vote for a Joe Biden, or whatever freak they think best represents their view. Such a nation will not last long, and if it is a nuclear superpower, the world itself is in danger.

Therefore, the question of culture is of paramount importance for the survival of the human species. We must strive to create a society where each child has the maximum opportunity to develop his or her God-given talent, whatever that talent may be.

This means the eradication of poverty. A scandalous article appeared a couple years ago in the New York Times which admitted that over 100,000 children in the New York City Public School system are homeless. About half of them are packed into squalid and dangerous shelters while many others live with other relatives, sharing a living room couch or even floor space, with no privacy or space to think, and others are just out on the streets. How are these children going to possibly be able to contribute to future generations? This is absurd and unacceptable.

The other major problem is drug addiction. We are not going to solve this by jailing all of the users and using them for cheap prison labor. Bankers who launder drug money need to be prosecuted and jailed. Programs like the Obama-era “Fast and Furious” which was arming Mexican drug cartels must be ended, and individuals held accountable. However, unless we transform society so that those suffering from drug addiction can be happily employed and develop a new, productive identity, the cycle will continue.

As we solve the above mentioned problems, we need to develop a standard of Classical curriculum for public schools, which will be administered on a state and local government level.

1. Classical music instruction. Every child should be involved in choral singing from kindergarten on. This should include musical literacy, learning to read music, as a language, including solfege, and the rudiments of music theory and composition, with special emphasis on the work of J.S. Bach, among others. Every school should have instrumental and choral ensembles which rehearse as part of the regular class schedule.
2. Plastic arts and art history. Children should study breakthroughs made in the science of perspective through the work of great artists, including, but not limited to Leonardo DaVinci, Rembrandt and others.
3. Physical sciences. Forget computer benchmarking. Children need to be able to recreate the solutions to paradoxes which confronted the greatest minds in history from Eratosthenes to Einstein. This means field trips to study the motion of the stars and planets, as well as constructive geometry and actual scientific experiments conducted by the students in a laboratory setting.
4. Classical language and literature. This includes studying the Greek classics, but also should include study of the history of language and poetry from other ancient civilizations, such as the work of Confucius, Tagore, Ibn Sina and others, translated into English. Knowledge of the ancient Greeks will greatly deepen the understanding of the writings of European authors and philosophers like Dante, Cervantes, Schiller, Shakespeare and American writers like Edgar Allen Poe and James Fenimore Cooper.

Besides the above, which are the birthright of every child, we need to take a lesson from the “home demonstration agents” sent out from Tuskegee Institute in the early days of reconstruction. Many young people have no idea how to manage a household, perform basic household repairs, let alone have any knowledge of mechanics, gardening or cooking. While vocational education should be an option for High School students, general courses in “home economics” should be integrated into the standard curriculum.

A society which is committed to building cities on other planets, with all of the scientific and technological breakthroughs required, including emphatically the development of thermonuclear fusion power, will have created the conditions which will inspire young people to develop their own creative potential. If we allow billions of people on the planet to suffer from starvation, war and disease, it is our own future which we are robbing.


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