A Grave Crisis is the Opportunity for Great Good

A Grave Crisis is the Opportunity for Great Good

As we approach this November 3rd election date, many Americans are rightly mobilized to ensure that this election is not stolen by those who’ve been trying to overturn the election of President Donald Trump for the last four years. That mobilization should continue.

However, while this election hysteria is being whipped into a frenzy by our seditious press, seven million people have died this year of something completely curable: starvation.  This should never happen on a planet which has the capacity to feed everyone, but it is the policy of the same genocidal British Empire that wants to give us Joe Biden or Kamala Harris for president.

30 million people, mostly in Africa, are threatened right now with immediate starvation, and 270 million in total are facing severe food shortages, so we cannot wait until the fabled “after the election” to address it. 

Phillip Tsokolibane, the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa, has written a powerful appeal to the President and First Lady, requesting a full mobilization from the United States to save these lives.

Before you start to mutter, “How can we help those starving people, when the United States is so hard hit from the pandemic and its economic and social ramifications?  I can’t even pay my mortgage!”, consider the following: perhaps mobilizing the American people to solve this problem actually could be the first step to a spectacular economic recovery here.

Think about what we’ve learned in the last months.  We have no redundancy in our transportation grid or food supply chains.  We had to open up closed down auto plants just to start producing the PPE and ventilators we needed.  We had a much too large proportion of our workforce in service jobs, servicing people who make a lot of money speculating on Wall Street and in real estate, but not producing anything in the real world.  

Our farmers are in dire straits and we have many unemployed service workers who desperately need income, not to mention the airlines which need to be bailed out. So, rather than just printing more money, why not take this moment of crisis to completely retool the American economy, with an emphasis on production?  There are so many young people out of school or unemployed who can learn new skills quickly, and we have so much work that urgently needs to be done.  Building new infrastructure involves outdoor work, which can be done without spreading COVID.  Because of bottlenecks at meat packing plants, our farmers have had to euthanize millions of hogs and other livestock. This is terribly wrong especially during a famine. Let’s bring in the National Guard, and our soldiers who are coming home from useless foreign wars and employ them in this mobilization to save millions of lives, while rebuilding the United States in the process.

I am confident that we have the leadership among our dedicated family farmers and our strategic planners in the military to mobilize what is required to save tens of millions of lives and put millions of Americans to work in the process.  

Call your Representatives, including my opponent Chuck Schumer and tell them that if they really believe “Black Lives Matter,” (or any lives matter) they should work with President Trump to prevent this unconscionable mass death.

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